Chiavenna, a retreat to
yearn for

Chiavenna. Scenically located in the Italian Alps with Mediterranean charm. An enchanting, historic old town on the Mera river. Città Slow with welcoming restaurants and bars. On the way between St. Moritz and Lake Como, in reach of the cultural landscape of the Valtellina. The true richness of this magical place rests however far away from the big names…

The four suites are located in Bottonera, the old artisan quarter of Chiavenna, just a stone’s throw from the pedestrian precinct. The tumble-down house, which has been unused for many years, was restored affectionately. This is where timeless design meets alpine coziness. Central, still tranquil. Spoiled by the sun with south-facing balconies and terrific mountain views.

To the suites

Terra incognita ...

… countless valleys undiscovered by tourism, authentic mountain villages, wild alpine landscapes and spectacular wild-swimming spots. This is where time seems to have stalled. Just arrived, one immediately senses the tranquility and ease of the region and its people. The activities presenting themselves are extensive. Mountains, water, culture, active, relaxed – there are countless options. In any season.

The hosts

A foggy and rainy summer evening in August. Hungry and without any expectations we arrive in Chiavenna, a stopover before the planned thru-hike on the Sentiero Roma above the wild Val di Mello. The special atmosphere of the slightly morbid old town alleys escorts us on the way to our accommodation. We have dinner at the crackling fire in a cozy Crotto and feast on regional delicacies of the Citta Slow. We are enchanted return directly after our hiking tour. This time with tons of sun and extensive forays through the marvelous old town on the Mera river. The town got us excited and trapped. This is where we calm down. That’s why we decided to return ever again. On a mountainside of the Valchiavenna we find half decayed traditional stone houses, which used to be cow stables in their prior lives. We decide to restore them. A gut decision, not without risks.

We get rewarded. For the trust we put into the local people, without whom we wouldn’t have made it. Our love to Valchiavenna is further tightened. Many friends visit and are enthusiastic. That’s why we decide to share this enthusiasm with you and to give you access to one of the most original places of the Alps. This is how BOTTONERA casa vacanza arose and invites you to get to know this wonderful piece of earth. We look forward to you!

Carolin and Timo