The most beautiful
alpine town

Chiavenna. How we love your magic! One of the best preserved historic towns of Italy with aristocratic palaces dating back to the 16th century and medieval traces. One of the most beautiful palaces is Palazzo Salis from the 18th century, town residence of the powerful Salis family from the Swiss canton of Grisons. Another impressive sight is the monastery of San Lorenzo with its medieval font.

Prefer nature over culture? Close to the monastery one enters the Parco Paradiso – Marmite dei Giganti natural park with remains of proglacial glacier mills and gothic petroglyphs. From the Belvedere lookout point one enjoys a beautiful view of the historic centre. Magnificent also for kids to scramble and picnic.

Our favorite spots

Even after countless visits to Chiavenna we always end up first at the bridge connecting the Oltremera quarter and Piazza Pestalozzi. Known for the statue of Saint John Nepomucene and the marvelous view of the gorge of the wild river Mera, which winds through the sea of buildings with the mountain giants in the background. On the Piazza with its beautiful renaissance town palaces and the picturesque soap-stone fountain with obelisk one dwells on a glass of Franciacorta in one of the bars. From there one enters directly into Via Dolzino, the pedestrian precinct of Chiavenna, which invites to stroll and browse in the numerous small, local shops. International shopping chains you’ll search in vain.

Crotti Paradise.

Regional, authentic cuisine is relished in the Crotti, for which Chiavenna is famous far beyond the region. Small caves, created through landslides, in which an air draft, the „Sorel“, creates a natural fridge. Far more than 1000 exist in Valchiavenna. Some few are nowadays used as taverns and serve amongst others Bresaola, Costine al Lavecc and Gnocchi di Chiavenna. In addition there are numerous further excellent restaurants. Rarely have we seen so many in such a small town.

Events in the alpine town. During the Sagra dei Crotti the town’s Crotto quarter turns into a fairground. Also private Crotti open their doors to the public and serve food and wine. On the Di de la Bresaola one tastes the traditionally made delicacy of local producers. With live music on the side, just like at the many other smaller and bigger festivals during the course of the year.

Valchiavenna, between history, nature
and excellent food